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Triston Martin

Feb 22, 2022

The majority of online banks permit the deposit of checks via the mobile deposit option or via mail. You can also transfer funds to and from financial institutions. However, figuring out how to transfer cash can be a bit more difficult. It's not recommended to send money via postal mail. Moreover, online banks generally won't take mailed deposits. It's also impossible to visit the local branch to transfer your cash to an agent. The positive side is that you aren't required to abandon your dream of being a bank online or to agree to never deposit money. There are a variety of alternatives based on the financial institution you use online.


Certain online banks join ATM networks. Suppose your bank's online account is among them. In that case, you can make deposits of cash at the nearest ATM after you've located an ATM where you can deposit your cash, go to the ATM, complete an application slip that includes the details of your account, and deposit the cash in the deposit envelope. After that, you can use the ATM debit card to complete the payment. You'll get a receipt once you deposit cash at an ATM. Keep your receipt till your cash appears in your account. This can take 48 to 72 hours, depending on the bank's guidelines.

· Prepaid Debit Card

If your institution isn't part of the ATM network, then you should look into pre-paid debit cards connected to your bank's online account. Prepaid debit cards let users add money in various ways, such as shopping at participating stores to deposit cash. When the cash is loaded stored on your debit card, you can transfer the funds from your prepaid debit card into your bank account. The negative of prepaid debit cards is that they can charge charges for:

  • Obtain a card
  • Cash deposit
  • Funds can be withdrawn

If you do your research for a suitable card, you might be able to save on fees. Certain prepaid cards, for instance, let you make cash deposits for free at certain stores, such as Walmart. Then, you can use the cards to transfer money into an account linked to a bank; however, the process could take a few days.

· Place A Deposit in A Local Bank And Transfer The Money

If you have local bank accounts, it is possible to deposit money at the branch and then transfer the funds over. Some banks will charge fees to transfer funds from one institution to another. Be sure to check with your bank when you make this move. This approach could derail the goal of opening an internet-based banking account, as you'd be stuck with a local institution and the associated fees. If you have someone in your family or a close friend who has accounts at their local bank and you want to ask for their assistance in making an account for a local deposit. You can give them cash to transfer into their account and request for them to transfer the cash to you via a service such as Zelle and Venmo. These transfer services are completely free and linked to your bank's online.

· Purchase With A Money Order

If you're unable to access an ATM and don't need the convenience of a prepaid debit card, and are unable to get someone like a relative to assist, you may want to purchase a money order. You can purchase money orders at the post office or from retail stores. There is a fee of a few dollars to purchase cash order. The amount is contingent on the amount of money order. After you've bought the money order, it is possible to send it to the mail address your online bank gives for deposits. This approach costs more money and takes time because it takes time for the money order you've sent to be received by your bank and wait for your deposit to process. If you have only a few times a cash-based deposit, this might be a great method.

· Be Sure To Count Your Cash

If your bank allows cash to be directly deposited to an ATM but without an envelope, ensure that you verify the amount before putting it into the machine. Although ATMs generally are reliable, they do occasionally have errors in counting and scanning the bills. If you are aware of the correct amount in advance, it is possible to confirm that the ATM has been counted correctly upon depositing your money. If there is any issue, be sure to record the location of the ATM and the time the error occurred to solve the issue.

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