Insurance is like a fire extinguisher

Si Gyeongmin

Jul 08, 2021

Insurance cannot prevent the arrival of the disease, but it can get timely and effective medical treatment when the disease arrives. Insurance cannot prevent accidents, but it can reduce family financial expenditures when accidents occur. Insurance cannot guarantee the success of children, but it can prevent them from experiencing hardships due to family changes. Insurance cannot accelerate the growth of wealth, but it can prevent the hard-earned wealth from drawing water with a sieve!

Buying insurance: when there is no risk, the savings retained the money, it can also preserve and increase the value! If there is a risk, you can get a claim, throw a sprat to catch a herring.

Not buying insurance: when there is no risk, money will be spent unknowingly, not being kept. If there is a risk, you should pay out of your pocket and spend your hard-earned money. If you encounter big risks, then will even get into debt!

Taking precautions is your wise choice!

Insurance is a kind of planning, a kind of advance preparation! There are two best times to buy insurance: one is 28 days old, and the other is now! The older you get, the more expensive the premium. No one knows which one will come first, tomorrow or the accident. Youth and health are the biggest capital of insurance!

Buying insurance is to resist risks and give yourself and your family a bright future!

Therefore, insurance is a necessity, the sooner the better! If you buy insurance, I won't get rich; if you don't buy insurance, I won't go bankrupt.

When you buy insurance, the premium is yours, the protection is also yours, and the money you receive in the future is also yours. In the case of insurance, the compensation is also yours and your family’s.

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