The boundaries of artificial intelligence protection -Part 5

Si Gyeongmin

Sep 20, 2021

(4) Collusion

More specifically, by limiting collusion options, sellers can limit the ability of artificial intelligence assistants to help consumers. Scholars have put forward better suggestions to solve new forms of collusion of seller algorithms. But competition law has been slow to adapt to the digital age. In addition to the general lag of the law, the anti-monopoly authorities are particularly reluctant to intervene in emerging industries, fearing that it will undermine innovation.

Existing companies may use some strategic measures to hinder the benefits of artificial intelligence assistants for consumers. Artificial intelligence controls the market entirely out of consumers' desire for convenience, but in fact, it has not benefited consumers, nor has it pushed the market into a basic economic model of perfect competition. But under the appropriate legal framework, artificial intelligence assistants can significantly reduce transaction costs by eliminating search and conversion costs in some cases.

Although the law has not yet been fully resolved, influential political and technological forces can allow artificial intelligence to significantly reduce transaction costs in many markets, thereby bringing huge benefits to society. By protecting artificial intelligence, these beneficial results and the path to them will become clearer.

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